A 10-Day Sugar Detox Program Sugar is most definitely addictive in nature – it has been claimed to be up to 8 times as “addictive” as compared to cocaine; it is just that sugar is not an “emotional addiction,” but also a biological one. People who are consumers of sugar at very high levels are
A lot of people these days are opting for alternative treatments that are proving to be more beneficial than the traditional forms of treatment. Though the alternative treatments have been around for more than a few hundred years, they had slipped into oblivion until recently. These treatments have resurfaced and are showing results. One such
The health benefits of meditation are no mystery. It is a well-established fact that meditation offers a host of physical and mental benefits, which have the power to enhance your life greatly. Meditation is one of the most convenient forms of exercise as it doesn’t require any specialized equipment nor investment of any kind. Undoubtedly,
Detoxification at regular intervals is not only important but absolutely critical for us to remain healthy.  Think about this fact:  There are innumerable new chemicals that are being made on a daily basis. And how many of them actually get out into the environment? You would be surprised to know, that it is almost all

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